Livelihood creation: The objective is to create additional employment /
 new employment or self employment through skill based training and
market linkage and to ensure better employment option and higher income
for the members.

Training: On required knowledge and skill about a particular work. RAPID would make use of existing entrepreneurs / institutes to provide the skill through training. It would pay fees and stipend.

Educational support to Children:  Is to provide educational scholarships to their children. And also other academic support like tuitions, books, uniform etc.

SHGs of Women: Ensuring better TOMORROW by savings, micro credit and insurance. We conduct regular meeting to eliminate sense of alienation and insecurity for the members.

Guruwar Bazaar (Thursday Market) –A weekly market on every Thursday on a fixed place providing all the vending facilities for RAPID members to sell their home made products
The objective of organizing GURUWAR BAZAAR is to make women realize their potential for producing or manufacturing items that have consumer value and that they could market for a price, thereby helping them earn extra income to support families.
Our support to run Guruwar Bazaar
• Encourage members to utilize their talent in preparing quality products at home.
• Provide them a platform (Space) to market their products
• Develop entrepreneurship among women
• Organize skill based training program.
Bazar Description: Presently the Bazar is being conducted in Hubli-Dharwad in different locations. The timing is between 5.00 pm to 8.00 pm on every Thursday. More than 200 families visit Bazaar on regular basis. A press release and paper insert is used to communicate to the people regarding the venue of Bazar.
Context of Rapid Work:
Problems of alienation either due to widowhood or deserted create low confidence among women in doing something meaningful in their life. These women quite often do not open up and speak their situation, which demands a good counseling to create confidence in them to explain the problems and family situation. Counseling is also the key element in making assessment of their personality traits and professional skills, interest and motivation levels.
This first level of discussion will result in identifying the support system required for this kind of women. By and large it is seen that every member wants to learn, earn and become independent to handle their own affairs. And every member wants to see their children educated with a hope of them being their support on later stage. How is a ?
We also have seen many condition where women wants to be an small entrepreneur, but holding their aspiration either for want of money or need of a mentor to stand by and help with expertise and investment. The people surrounding them definitely will not be in position to do both as most of them are not economically sound and not exposed to present opportunities.
Hence RAPID strongly believes to adopt a comprehensive approach to empower them with multiple support systems to create economical and social empowerment with start to end professional assistance.
The objective of livelihood creation is to create additional employment / new employment or self employment through skill based training and market linkage to ensure higher income for the members and their families.
What is the comprehensive approach and professional assistance? 
• Identification, which makes sure that needy are supported
• Counseling to understand the problems, creating a comfort /emotional bonding with the organization and ensure,
o Identifying individual skills and job preferences of members.
o Identifying time availability (both quality and quantity) with each member.
o Based on these two factors, arriving at feasible list of occupations and mapping requirements of support.
• Provide training/ advance training to the members so that they acquire skills that could produce marketable products or prepare them for the market demands of employer. Usually the entrepreneurs are not willing to invest in training others. They would be happy to give work to trained people.
• Also support them with stipend during the training. ((many will not even have money to spend for bus travel)
• Provide initial financial help for asset creation for self employment on micro credit basis and monitor the progress.
• And finally support their children with scholarships to ensure the next generation of the family is a hope for tomorrow and not to dis-continue education.

Once this is ready, Rapid would scan the market of working districts and other towns near the places of members. It would meet the entrepreneurs who are involved either in the production or marketing of products listed by our members and link the members to the entrepreneur. And also we will find employment opportunities for these members based on the skills they have developed.